SODA is so incredibly proud of ALL of our dancers. They had a tough 3 days of competition @goshowstopper and handled it like pros. 💜💙

Day 1
-Piano Man-Platinum 2nd in Category, 9th Overall Teen Advanced Duet/Trio
-Missy-Platinum 1st in category
-Seven Nation Army-Platinum 4th in category
-Untitled-Platinum 3rd in category

Day 2
-Take My Hand-Platinum 3rd in category, 6th Overall Junior Performance Small Group
-Little Bitty Pretty One-Gold 2nd in category, 10th Overall Mini Performance Duet/Trio
-Just Say (Avelyn)-Double Platinum 1st in category, 6th Overall Teen Advanced Solos
-Come Home (Bella)-Platinum 10th in category
-Rich Girl-Gold 2nd in category, 5th Overall Mini Performance Large Group
-High Top Shoes-Gold 2nd in category, 7th Overall Mini Performance Small Group
-Another One Bites the Dust-Platinum 2nd in category, 8th Overall Junior Advanced Small Group
-Beach Party-Platinum 1st in category, 1st Overall Junior Advanced Production
-Lost Without You (Lizbeth)-Platinum 3rd in category

Day 3
-Faith (Evelyn)-Gold 1st in category
-Anxious (Avery)-Platinum 3rd in category
-A Mans World (Ellie)-Platinum 3rd in category, 9th Overall Junior Advanced Solos
-One Time (Gabi)-Platinum 8th in category
-Feel It Still-Gold 1st in category, 7th Overall Junior Advanced Duet/Trios



2021 Showstopper Results are In!
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